Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goals for 2015

Oh, you know. It's one of those posts.

I don't want to reflect too hard on 2014, because I had no idea what I was doing for most of it. With my personality, I'd rather look ahead. I'm halfway through my 2nd year of grad school, and here are my goals for 2015:

  • Publish in a policy journal again
  • Plan & execute DC networking trip
  • Identify & explore specific science policy careers
  • Find session/panel to moderate at future conference
  • Finish strategic outreach plan for CCH
  • Co-moderate Career Conference 2015

  • Submit F31 grant
  • Pass qualifying exam
  • Attend 2 conferences
  • First author scientific paper
  • Read at least 1 paper per week

  • 300lb deadlift
  • Gym at least 2x/week
  • 10 sec L-sit
  • Freestanding handstand
  • 5 pull-ups

  • Travel out of the country
  • Complete Linux online course
  • Practice piano 3x/week
  • Take singing/piano lessons
  • Blog monthly
  • Have more science-specific Twitter discussions

A few notes:
I feel the need to separate Professional goals from School goals because even though I'm in a traditional research lab, my current career plans are aimed at science policy. About that 300lb deadlift: my max pull has been around 225-245lb since the very first time I tried over 5 years ago. I've been claiming 300lbs as a goal for a very long time. Time to stop screwing around and get at it. Some of the other goals seem a little lofty, but might as well think big, right?

What are your goals for the upcoming year?

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